Gangnam Center


Schedule (Thu)16 May – (Sun)16 June, 2019. 10am – 7pm
Seoul Auction Gangnam Center, Gallery 5


For the third special exhibition held at the Seoul Auction Gangnam Center, Seoul Auction will be featuring LE TEMPS By LEE UFAN to introduce the diverse artistic world of Lee UFan, who has established himself as a prominent figure in the Korean art world by pioneering a truly unique area of contemporary Korean art. The exhibition will feature over 20 artworks that are most representative of each stage of his over 50-year career. Through Lee’s artworks, including his series paintings from the 1970s (From Point and From Line) and his more recent series (Dialogue), watercolor paintings, woodcuts, ceramic works, and terracotta works, which feature a diverse spectrum of formats, we hope that visitors can focus on the commonly held modes of thought and philosophies that these works express, which have remained constant throughout time, as well as the relationship between objects and spaces, which is frequently and fluidly altered through contact with the outside world. This exhibition aims to direct the attention of viewers to the discovery of new things and empty spaces and encourage them to think about the nature of relationships. Ultimately, through broad introspection on the relationship between things Korean, Japanese, and Western, we hope that visitors will enjoy this invaluable opportunity to gain a better understanding of and enjoy appreciating the artistic world of Lee UFan, who has recently begun gaining even more recognition worldwide.

Seoul Auction Gangnam Center
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