Seoul Auction Gangnam Center: Special Exhibition


Date: (Thu) 19 September – (Sun) 27 October, 10am - 7pm
Venue: Seoul Auction Gangnam Center 5F

The Seoul Auction Gangnam Center will be hosting “LETTERS”, an exhibition based on its titular motif that showcases artworks that each feature an independent visual language.

Post-Renaissance modern art rarely featured letters in paintings, due to the classification of letters as being unsuitable as an artistic subject. This separation of letters and images was blurred by the Cubists in the 20th century, when artists began adding letters to their paintings in diverse formats. With the emergence of conceptual art, written text started being widely incorporated into contemporary art, in which letters were broadly utilized as a medium for conveying artistic ideas. The letter itself was also employed as the subject of expression in diverse ways, establishing itself as an effective medium for conveying messages of social criticism to the public. In Korea, figures such as Lee UngNo and Nam Kwan brought Chinese characters and Hangeul into the realm of contemporary art in the 1970s through a genre known as “letter abstract,” creating collages and ink-and-wash and abstract paintings. Today, artists continue using letters in even freer and more unconventional ways in a broad range of areas.

This exhibition aims to provide an opportunity for visitors to exercise their imagination and reflect on their lives in the 21st century, as citizens of a society desensitized by today’s inundation of language and images. In addition to its key message, it is also hoped that “LETTERS” will offer experiences of various types of formative expressions.

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