One Hundred Thousand Hairs

SCHEDULE : (Thu) 22 November – (Sat) December 29
RECEPTION : (Thu) 22 November 6 PM
SA+, 11F H Queen’s 80 Queen's Road Central, Central, Hong Kong
12 Pieces


Seoul Auction SA+ is pleased to present “One Hundred Thousand Hairs” by Hwang Jai Hyoung, the last exhibition of the year at the gallery. Hwang, the leading proponent of the Korean Minjung art movement, provides honest portrayals of the lives of farmers and miners in Korea, while questioning the meaning of life and the zeitgeist of the time. Having worked as a miner in a mining town Taebaek, the artist captures the reality of workers he himself witnessed. In attempt to increase a sense of realism in his rendering, he experiments with various types of mediums ― including, but not limited to oil paint, dirt, coal, graphite, and last but not least, hairs collected from the hair salons in Taebaek ― and develops a distinctive formative language of his own. This exhibition brings together Hwang’s most recent hair works and demonstrates the outcome of the artist’s persistent assessment of materials.
While breaking away from the 1970’s Dansaekhwa movement, which puts more emphasis on the aesthetic aspects of art, Minjung art, known as Korean Realism, is committed to depicting the realities of society with a critical eye. Through this exhibition, SA+ hopes to introduce Minjung art, one of the most significant artistic movements in Korea and provide insight into what Realism means to today’s generation.


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