Schedule (Sat)30 March – (Thu)16 May, 2019
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SA+ is pleased to present BLUE as its third exhibition for 2019. Following RED SA+ has presented in 2018, Blue is based on a color paradigm, bringing together artworks that express unique interpretations of diverse tones of blue. Through this exhibition, which is comprised of works by contemporary Korean artists, SA+ aims to provide international art enthusiasts with an opportunity to view Korean contemporary art from a fresh perspective.

The color of blue in the art of Kim WhanKi, a representative artist who led the transition of Korean art from the modern to contemporary era, is derived from Korea’s natural environment, the clear blue Korean sky and the blue of the oceans that by definition surround all three sides of the Korean Peninsula. Blue is also a key color of the abstract paintings that Kim created in the 1970s, in which he covered entire canvases with blue dots. The blue that Kim WhanKi used in his artworks is now recognized in the Korean art community as a signature color. This exhibition will feature dot paintings done in a bright sky blue (in gouache on paper) as well as one in midnight blue that seems to depict the sky at sunset, which highlights Kim’s reputation as a “magician of color.”

Blue is the most loved color among the works of Chung SangHwa, a prominent artist of Dansaekhwa, Korean monochrome paintings started in the 1970s. His artworks, which are created by first covering a canvas with kaolin clay and then folding the canvas, “tearing off” the dried clay, and filling in each of the remaining spaces with paint, embodies the central belief of monochrome painters that the creative process is more important than the outcome.

Lee UFan, who is highly regarded in the international art community, created his From Point and From Line series in the 1970s by mixing blue paint with minerals and glue. Lee’s paintings, which feature lines of dots made by dipping his brush in paint only once and continuously placing dots on the canvas until the paint runs out, invite visitors into an infinite space that seems to transcend the boundaries of the canvas.

Blue is also featured often in the artworks of Lee WalChong, who lives on Jeju Island—the southernmost point of Korea—and whose paintings embody the simple joys of everyday life. Lee’s depictions of the waters of Jeju are not cold; rather, they radiate a comforting warmth. Visitors will also be able to see blue as it is used in the works of Lee DongJae, who uses pixels to depict people and landscapes; Oh SuFan, who uses his skill with the brush to express Chinese philosophy of Chi; and Hong SooYeon, who depicts shapes that “float” on layers of colors.

SA+ strives to introduce the works of not only established Korean artists but also up-and-coming artists currently active in the Korean art scene to the international market. We hope that BLUE will convey the diversity of contemporary Korean art to collectors from Hong Kong and countries around the world.

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