P/S Guide

Featuring your artwork in the most elegant, globally oriented way

Founded in 1998 as Korea’s first art auction house, Seoul Auction now has several state-of-the-art facilities (Pyeongchang-dong and Gangnam offices, Busan exhibition space, and Hong Kong exhibition space) where various types of artworks can be appreciated. In addition to its offices north and south of the Han River, which cater to its diverse clientele, Seoul Auction recently opened a private exhibition space (SA+) on the 11th floor of H Queen’s, an art landmark in Hong Kong, in celebration of its 20th anniversary. It not only features artworks of Korean artists, such as Kim WhanKi and Lee UFan, but also holds exhibitions of famous foreign artists. Feature your artwork in Seoul Auction’s diverse exhibition spaces, where they can be enjoyed by collectors from all over the world.

The professionalism of Seoul Auction’s Private Sales

As Korea’s first art auction house, Seoul Auction has consistently created new standards for art appreciation through its many auctions. It operates a customer-centric art appreciation service that assesses the value of artworks, including single pieces, large-scale collections, and ancient and foreign artworks. Seoul Auction’s Private Sales, in particular, conveys the value of prominent works of art to a diverse client based on its global platform, expertise, and extensive successful bid records. Seoul Auction guarantees that the value of your artwork will be recognized through methods you can depend on.

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