Consignment Appraisal of Chinese Art

Seoul Auction handles consignment appraisals of Chinese artworks to be featured in our auctions.
An artwork is deemed eligible for inclusion in an auction when it meets the criteria set by Seoul Auction as confirmed by an expert.
We welcome inquiries from all holders of Chinese artworks.

  • step
    Submission of an online application

    Apply for a membership on the Seoul Auction website
    → upload photo(s) and document(s) under “Inquiry” of “Consignment Appraisal of Chinese Art”
    Confirmation of receipt of the application sent (within 1 to 7 business days from submission date)
    Inquiry regarding the artwork made to an overseas expert (15 to 30 days after submission of application)

  • step
    Decision on whether the artwork is appropriate for sale at auction
    Check notification of decision through “Inquiry” section of the Seoul Auction website
  • step
    Appraisal once the artwork is evaluated as an auctionable artwork
  • step
    Participation in the auction
    Consignment handling by Seoul Auction Hong Kong Sale or overseas auction house Artwork featured in the auction

1. Artworks eligible for consignment appraisal

  • Antique paintings and calligraphic works, modern/contemporary artworks (paintings, sculptures, and installations)

2. Items required for consignment appraisal

  • Evidential document
    (must submit one of the following: artwork warranty, exhibition catalogue, or evidence of inclusion in a Korean or overseas auction and/or exhibition)
  • List that includes the artist’s name, title of artwork, year created, size of artwork, and a brief explanation of how the artwork came into the owner’s possession
  • One high-resolution JPEG image file per artwork
    * Photo requirements
    For two-dimensional artwork (painting or calligraphic work): one photo that shows the entire artwork (including mounting and/or frame)
    Seal and calligraphy must be clearly visible after photo enlargement.
    For three-dimensional artwork (etc.): one full-size photo per side, one photo of the base (side view), and one photo of the underside of the base Sculpture, etc.: one photo of full façade and rear view, one photo each of the top and bottom views, and one photo of signature
    --If the attached evidential documents and/or photos are insufficient, an inquiry will not be conducted (notification will not be sent to the individual (owner of the artwork) who submitted the evidential documents/photos).

3. Appraisal inquiry method/procedure

  • Apply for a membership on the Seoul Auction website → post photo(s) and/or document(s) under “Inquiry” (“Service” → “Consignment Appraisal of Chinese Art” → “Inquiry”)
  • Confirmation of receipt of application (within 1 to 7 business days from submission date)
  • Inquiry made to an overseas expert (15 to 30 days after receipt of application)
  • Check the Seoul Auction website under “Inquiry” to see whether your artwork has been evaluated as auctionable
  • If your item meets our eligibility criteria, Seoul Auction will conduct an appraisal of the artwork.
  • Seoul Auction will negotiate the auction estimate with you before making a consignment decision (in case of consignment, 0.2% of insurance fee is accepted as commission)
  • Artwork is then featured in an auction
  • Fee calculation → imposition of consignment commission (10% of contract/bid price (VAT excluded), transfer tax may be levied depending on the artwork)

4. Appraisal of the artwork

  • Appraisal of the artwork: payment of appraisal fee required (*waived if artwork is consigned for the auction) → Art appraisal statements are not issued.
  • Calligraphic work: KRW 100,000
  • Painting: KRW 200,000
  • Album of paintings: KRW 300,000
  • (Prices are per piece)
  • (Bank account of Seoul Auction’s Management Control Division for wire transfers: Woori Bank 1005-801-015803)
  • --Schedule for artwork appraisal will be discussed.
Specialist U.J. JANG
Tel Office +82-2-2075-4391