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Founded in 1998 as Korea’s first and largest art auction house, Seoul Auction holds the largest share of the art market in Korea. Its headquarters is located in Pyeongchang-dong, Seoul, and it has exhibition spaces in Gangnam and Busan. It also has a permanent exhibition space (SA+) in Hong Kong. Seoul Auction is evolving into a platform that is accessible to collectors worldwide.

The culmination of 20 years of experience

While hosting auctions over the last 20 years, Seoul Auction has created new standards for art appreciation. Specialists in a wide range of fields help us meticulously assess your artwork at the highest possible value in the art market. We also offer opportunities to feature artworks in diverse cities and spaces.

Record-breaking moments

Seoul Auction has set multiple records (for both Korean and foreign artists) through countless auctions. The current (as of March 2019) price records for several Korean artists, including Kim WhanKi, Lee JungSeob, and Park SooKeun, were all set with Seoul Auction. Diverse works of ancient Korean art (moon jars, minhwa, seohwa, etc.) have also been recognized at Seoul Auction for their outstanding value.




Seoul Auction's professionals in diverse categories of art, including Korean Contemporary and modern art, antiques as well as other high quality artworks from around the world put their utmost effort to each and every procedure of auctions we hold from our clients' point of view. We will do best to take care your precious works through major Off-line Auction, which is operated more than single time at every season, Online Auction and Special Auction.


Reception of Commission Application

For consign your items you should complete the reception of commission application.
Apply your photos of art works/objects with descriptions by email.

EMAIL (art work Auction Team)
Mail Title
Consignment _Your Name
Mail Content
  • 1. Name
  • 2. Contact Number
  • 3. Artist Name
  • 4. Title of Item
  • 5. Size/Medium/Year
  • 6. Process of Possession
  • 7. Photos (Entire appearance, signature, or any importance part)

We will reply by your inquiry of consignment email. Please write your name on email title who want to consign the items.

Chinese art consignment application is possible through 1:1 inquiry after Log-In.

Homepage Reception

Work commission application is possible through 1:1 inquiry after Log-In.

  • SeoulAuction Staffer will give you an answer after confirmation.
  • You can confirm the answer in Member information > 1:1 Inquiry

If you have inquiry about Chinese art, please require the consignment after check the guidance of Chinese art.



The applied objects operates deliberation of documents through the specialist and you will get the result of notification by 1:1 or email within the date of reception to 7 days.

  • Commission inquiry email :
  • HEAD OFFICE. SEOUL : +82 (0)2 2075 4422 (English) +82 (0)2 2075 4391 (中國語)

Arrange for a Valuation and Contract of Consignment

  • 1. Consult with staff about the work after the deliberation of documents.
  • 2. Bring the real works to Seoul Auction(A consignor need transport)
  • 3. Arrange for a valuation
  • 4. Determine the reserve price with consignor and contract the document of consignment.

Payment of Commission fee after Winning Bid

When the art works/objects get the winning bid through the auction, a letter of notification will dispatch to the consignor and the successful bidder at the same time by our team.
When the purchase price completely paid by the winning bidder, the work will deliver to the winning bidder and pay the price of consignment. A bit of price of consignment will impose from the work of successful bid.

  • Commission Fee

    Apply 10%(VAT excluded)of wining price.
    (Impose transfer tax: It targets the item whose transfer tax is over 60 million won from 2013. but it does not apply to the works made by living artists.
    Please read the detail information at Terms and Conditions (Article 10).