Corporate Artworks

Looking for a new direction for your corporation and artworks?

Ask Seoul Auction.

Creative ideas, active communication with employees, and a form of communication for international businesses - a work of art can be a catalyst.
Seoul Auction fully supports your company’s new leap forward.
Seoul Auction provides various management services for corporate collections, from purchasing artworks to managing the collection.

Team Leader, Marketing Team Hyunhee Kim
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Corporate Art Service


We provide valuation services for collections. From a single artwork to a large collection, from antiques to Korean art and artwork from abroad, you can check the value of all kinds of artworks with Seoul Auction.


Consult with Seoul Auction's specialists for all the required procedures of buying an artwork including the arrangement of a budget for buying artwork, analysis of artists and artists' work, the proper time for buying, insurance, and shipping.


We conduct the sale of artworks through suitable protocols, such as estimating the price of an artwork and selling the artwork in auctions and private sales, all this with the consideration of art market changes..


We suggest artworks that fit the intended space and provide shipping, installation, condition checking, de-installation, and return service on your behalf. We also provide consulting services for the maintenance and treatment, and improvement of the existing collection. Get your customers and employees closer to artworks through a specialist's lecture on the artwork on display.


We provide customized marketing services that are tailored to fit the particular corporation's needs. Enjoy the effects of great publicity that can come with supremely high-quality works of art.